My name is Marek Zawadzki and I work for the Blackboard Company as a Solution Engineer. Solution engineers are consultants, and we work independently for our countries. Together with Account Executives, we are responsible for delivering the best pre-sales and post-sales activities connected to our Blackboard solutions.

My responsibility

There are some activities where I am doing very well:

  • answering all technical and functional questions.
  • answers to technical tender requirements and questions.
  • delivering the best presentation to the client on demand.
  • explaining Blackboard functionality to the client.
  • explaining typical business needs for e-learning, Learning Management System, etc.

My help area (countries)

My responsibility is for Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria. But also other countries if it is needed.

What does Blackboard offer?

Blackboard Company offers an EdTech platform for Higher Education (we can say: an advanced Learning Management System). The image below shows what we can offer our clients in all countries in the world.

Blackboard Solutions 2021